Our new returns policy: why we no longer offer free returns

Speaking out against free returns online may seem counterintuitive as such offers are known to result in higher sales and more orders for retailers. However, it's important to understand that despite the "free" label, these returns still entail significant costs and hassle for the retailer, which are ultimately passed on to the customer. Ultimately, even with free return shipping, the customer bears the costs for the return, regardless of whether he actually uses the return option or not.

Also, the environmental impact of these avoidable returns cannot be overlooked. Statistics show that two out of three online orders in the fashion sector are returned, leading to a significant increase in resource consumption and negative environmental impact.

Our goal is therefore to minimize uncertainties and avoid selective orders by providing transparent and detailed information and personal advice to our customers. Our goal is to avoid ordering multiple items to try on, reducing the number of returns and protecting the environment.

We hope you will understand and support our stance on this issue, as we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable retail practices.

You will receive the exact return address by email (please always state the order number!)